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Prima Still

Prima Still


Prima Still cider is crisp and dry. It is made from a blend of 20 different heirloom apple varieties that vary seasonally. It has a light golden colour and is slightly hazy.

This non-filtered cider has wonderful aromas of fresh cut melons and apple. The clean, melon, apple, grapefruit flavours carry through on the finish.

This cider is very refreshing. There is a nice, complex, tannic structure and a rich mouth feel making this a great food cider. I really like this style. It has 6.9 to 7% alcohol depending on the harvest year.

Prima Still is a reflection of tradition. Old variety cider apples are pressed late in the fall, fermented in large barrels then aged. The results just have to be tasted and enjoyed.

I recommend you pick up a case or two to keep on hand.

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