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Bulwark Orignal

Bulwark Original


This hand-crafted, lightly carbonated cider has a golden straw colour and aromas of fresh apples. The flavours are intense and crisp showing the distinct characteristics of Annapolis Valley apples.

This cider is well made with a good structure making it great to pair with a variety of foods. It is packaged in a 355 ml beer style bottle and has 5.8% alcohol.

Although the cider maker states that this cider is dry, it is off-dry. This off-dry style shows off the natural sweetness found in the apples.

If you are looking for a true dry cider, this cider is likely not for you, however if you prefer your cider to taste more like eating apples, you will be very pleased.

Bulwark Original is well balanced and really shows off the best of both worlds, dry and off-dry.

2007 Olde Port of Halifax

2007 Old Port of Halifax


2007 Olde Port of Halifax is a limited edition aperitif-style strong cider. It has an amber colour with aromas of apple, vanilla, toasted oak and spice, reminiscent of the smells you might expect from the ribs of a vintage wooden sailing ship.

When you sip this truly amazing cider, the incredibly intense apple and oak flavour permeates through your senses. This cider tastes ever so slightly off-dry, which serves to bring out the apple flavours to mingle with the toasted oak. The long lingering finish is something you might expect from a fine scotch.

It is packaged in a very nice looking 500 ml bottle with a wooden topped stopper and has 18% alcohol. Only 2,600 bottles were made.

This cider was aged in oak casks for over four years which gives it a superb structure for long term aging. I encourage you to buy all you can and enjoy it over time. I am looking forward to comparing this one with the next bottling.

Heritage Semi Dry

Heritage Semi Dry


Tideview Heritage Semi Dry is created from a blend of Baldwin, Cox Orange Pippin and other apple varieties. This cider is full of fresh fruit flavours that jump out of the glass and finish with just a touch of sweetness. You'll find aromas of sweet apple and vanilla with a hint of peach blossom.

The light golden colour is complimented by the tiny bubbles streaming up the glass. This effervescence helps define the structure of this off-dry cider making it a true delight.

It is packaged in a 750 ml sparking wine style bottle and has 8% alcohol. This cider presents just the right balance of structure and apple sweetness to make this a great cider for food.

Heritage Dry

Heritage Dry


Tideview Heritage Dry is created from a blend of Golden Russet, Northern Spy and other heritage variety apples from the Annapolis Valley. It has a lovely golden colour with aromas of fresh cut apples complimented by a slight nutty undertone.

This handcrafted dry cider has a light effervescence and rich full flavours of crisp apples, delicate pear and citrus. There is a medium finish which lingers and tingles, keeping these flavours alive in your mouth for several seconds.

It is packaged in a 750 ml bottle with resealable top and has 8.4% alcohol.

This cider has good structure and is a great example of expert blending used to showcase the regional character of the apples. I highly recommend you add this one to your cider list.

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