Our Story

Our Story

The Salt Spring Cider Company is the home of Andy's Original Craft Collection ®. Salt Spring Cider™ is our trademarked flagship cider.

The Andy's Original Craft Collection ® brand was born in July of 2000 at the Meafard Towne Winery and Tasters Wine Pub in Meaford, Ontario. At that time our ciders and fruit wines were available by the glass at Tasters Wine Pub.

Andy's ciders were the first modern day commercial hard ciders and fruit wines produced and sold in Meaford, Ontario. It was truly a project before its time.

Although the Meafard Towne Winery and Tasters Wine Pub in Meaford are now closed, Andy's Original Craft Collection ® and Salt Spring Cider™ live on.

In addition to enjoying a refreshing glass of Salt Spring Cider™, you can now produce Andy's legendary ciders at home using Andy's Original secret recipes.

For just $20 you will get six of Andy's Original secret recipes. Each contain detailed instructions for the experienced home winemaker / brewer. Your recipes will be delivered to you via email in, easy to read, pdf format. Andy's Original Craft Collection recipes include:
Salt Spring Cider™ Apple Blueberry Cider Apple Strawberry Cider
Apple Boysenberry Cider Cherry Apple Cider Royal Raspberry Cider