Where Can I Buy These Craft Creations?

Where Can I Buy These Craft Creations?

One of the big challenges in the craft cider, fruit wine, mead and spirits business today is out of date liquor laws. The laws favour large producers and severely limit craft producers. Provincial liquor boards use predatory and discriminatory practices that shutout smaller producers, and in particular, small production products.

The end result is that most craft products are only available directly from the producer. In many cases you can have these shipped to you, however there are a few small producers you just have to visit.

Most of what is available in liquor stores is bulk produced, not craft. Even products from craft producers sold in liquor stores are required to have very large production to qualify, thus leaving out quality boutique creations.

Sadly industry lobby groups play into this by favouring larger producers who want more lenient and broader definations of the term "craft".

So my advice is to contact the producer directly to learn where their products are available. I have provided contact information for a number of producers mentioned on this site. Just click the "Producers" tab in the menu.